#MakeNine2019 (and #MakeNine2018 Roundup)

Last year I declared, for all the world to see, that I was going to make nine things. Nine. Just nine. I thought long and hard about what I was going to sew; about clothes I needed for work mostly. I was spurred on by the amount of sewing I’d achieved over the Christmas break; sure that nine new items of clothing would be a cinch.


So How Did That Work Out?


My #2018MakeNine choices, what are yours?

Last year’s Make Nine choices


Fail. How many of my nine items did I make? Ahem… a pitiful two.  I made this tunic-pinafore-dress-thingy and a few versions of the top from the same pattern. At least they’re things that I’m still wearing! In my defence, my crystal ball was a tad faulty when I decided on what I wanted to make. I didn’t realise I was going to be waylaid by muslin creation and muslin creation.


I did end up sewing more than nine things total throughout the year though, so maybe all isn’t lost.


Am I put off by my total failure to stick to any sewing plan I ever set myself, ever? Hell no! So here we go again. It’s #MakeNine2019 baby.


Things I Have To Make…




The first three things on my list are a shoo in. I have to make them and I know I will. I can’t get married in May without a dress and I have faithfully promised droid-like bridesmaid dresses to my daughters. The force is strong with those two.


WIPS To Be Rescued…


Marilla Walker Maya Top

Image credit: Marilla Walker


My next two are WIPs that are almost finished, so maybe that’s cheating? Who cares. First up on the list of #MakeNine2018 failures making a reappearance… the Maya. The top version is cut out and ready to be sewn so how can I possibly not sew this? Well, as I still have a Tilly Mariogold jumpsuit thing cut out and languishing from 2017 my procrastination and loss of interest clearly knows no bounds. (Real talk: that jumpsuit is never getting finished. Who I am kidding? It’ll look bloody awful on me).


True Bias Ogden Camisole

Image credit: True Bias


Second up in the WIP pile, is the True Bias Ogden camisole that is half finished. I’m not quite sure what interrupted me on this one, I mean it should have been finished in an afternoon. Clearly the theme for my sewing is that I can’t stick to anything, even a project that is half way completed.


Wish List


As for the other four things, well they’re more of a sewing wish list than a definite plan. If I say it’s a definite plan, I’ll only go and change my mind anyway. Even after the fabric is cut apparently.


I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that I will love my Maya top and therefore a Maya tunic, in black, is on the cards. I have the fabric, so no excuses.


Remember the McCalls wrap dress I made for Christmas 2017? I would really like an everyday version in a fabric that has more drape. I’m wondering to go against my natural instincts and go with a plain colour for this. Maybe dark grey? Something in dark grey would go very well with the gorgeous boots I bought after Christmas. Practical, aren’t they?!


The perfect summer pattern: Vogue V9253


Next on my wish list, ready for the summer, is this offering from Vogue. Full disclosure, I bought this last year and started it. Then I managed to rip the fabric when I unpicked a mistake, so… yeah. I’m going to re-purpose that fabric for my girls and start again. (Fear not, the Marigold jumpsuit fabric is to be re-used for the girls too).


Merchant & Mills Trapeze Dress


Last up is the Merchant and Mills Trapeze Dress. It’s a bit different from my usual fit-and-flare kind of style, but I’m intrigued enough by it. Let’s face, I’ll either look like a sack of spuds or I’ll be amazed at how weirdly flattering it is. (I have a fair idea which way it’ll go…!). I ended up with this pattern at some point last year because I had to use up some online points I’d accumulated somewhere. It may have been from The Village Haberdashery, but I can’t remember.


You Know You Won’t Sew All Of This, Don’t You?


So there we have it. #MakeNine2019 choices in all their glory. I think we both know how my success rate is going to look… But hey, just with wedding-related sewing I’ll have beaten 2018 Toria, so I’m already winning.



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